Implemented Projects

IQ energy Programme

In September 2020, the IQ energy Program team completed its tasks and the IQ energy Program completed its work.

As part of the program, since April 2016, more than 43,000 Ukrainian families have taken part in the IQ energy program, renovating their homes using high quality energy efficient materials that meet Ukrainian building codes, program criteria and international standards.

IQ energy is a facility to foster energy efficiency improvements in the Ukrainian residential sector in accordance with European energy efficiency standards. The programme was designed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by donors in providing technical assistance and incentives.

Supported EE (=energy efficient) projects will consist of investments in high performing energy efficiency technologies and measures, which have at least a 20% higher energy performance than the market average

IQ energy is supported by an incentive grant totaling 15 million EUR provided by the Eastern European Energy Efficiency and Environmental Partnership (E5P) and a technical assistance grant for programme implementation provided in equal share by E5P and Sweden. 
An individual borrower may be eligible to get a grant up to 3,000 EUR. The incentive is calculated as a percentage of the lower of either the loan amount or cost of EE measures (including installation). The grant percentage – 35% regardless number of measures from the Technology Selector.

Our Role
Project partner of consortium leader Kommunalkredit Public Consulting

60 months (starting September 2015)

Amount of Grant financing
500,000 EUR (Year 1 and 2)

Development and implementation of UREEFF program as the first dedicated instrument to support investments in residential energy efficiency throughout the country.

Target group(s)
Owner/residents of private buildings and multi-family buildings, local banks.

Final beneficiaries
Owners of individual housing, owners of apartments and co-owners of multifamily apartment buildings, practically all residents of Ukraine.

Estimated results
Estimated number of loans issued - 55 000
Total UREEFF facility for individual loans UER 75 mln

Main activities
Support project partner in the following main activities:
  •  Promote UREEFF through targeted public awareness and marketing campaigns
  • Provide overall Facility coordination in relation to the development of a portfolio of Sub-projects and proactively work with the PFIs in identifying a pipeline of eligible Sub-projects
  • Maintain and update a database of applicants for Sub-loans and assist both the PFIs and the Sub-borrowers during all the stages of the approval process
  • Maintain and update the List of Eligible Measures and Equipment (LEME) and List of Equipment Suppliers and Installers (LESI). The PC will review these lists periodically to include new entrants and will keep the PFIs and potential Sub-borrowers updated
  • For building level sub-projects, undertake preliminary screening and advise on the eligibility of the Sub-projects proposed to be financed under UREEFF
  • Ensure that grant funding is applied consistently in line with the eligibility criteria and is supported by an appropriate level of validation, to avoid misuse of the grant.
  • Monitor the portfolio of Sub-projects and provide periodic reporting on the progress and implementation of the Facility.
Links to research materials: Ukraine Energy Efficiency Materials Market, Ukraine2020