Implemented Projects

Energy Effiency Improvements in the City of Burshtin

Ukraine, Ivano-Frnakivsk oblats, Galytsky rayon, city of Burshtin

18 months (started 2012)

Amount of requested EU contribution
175,000 EUR

  • Ensure efficient use of energy resources by local community in Burshtin
  • Improved quality and reliability of communal services with the specific focus to heating and street lighting

Target group
Local community of the city of Burshtin, public and residential heat services consumers

Final beneficiaries
Citizens of the local community in Burshtin : children and adults that use public services in the city

Estimated results
  • Energy management and energy monitoring system established in accordance with the EU guidelines
  • Energy efficiency measures implemented in two public buildings : school and kinder garden
  • Heat metering and automated heat controls equipment installed at the heating system
  • Energy efficient lamps installed at the street lighting system
  • Energy saved at 30% after implementation of the energy efficiency measures in heating systems and street lighting

Main activities
Step 1 : Coordination and implementation support
Step 2 : Analysis of the current situation and data collection on the energy consumption
Step 3 : Implementation of the energy efficiency measures
Step 4 : Public information and awereness campaing