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Housing and Municipal Reform Support Centre

We have been playing an active role in promoting reforms in the housing and municipal sectors of Ukraine since 1997
About us
International Non-Governmental Organisation "Housing and Municipal Reform Support Centre" (HMRSC) is a local non-profit non-governmental organisation.
The HMRSC's Values:
Saving energy, improvement of energy efficiency, promotion of renewable energy use
Fighting climate change
Fighting energy poverty
Humanitarian aid to vulnerable population
Improving quality of life
Increasing competiveness

The organisation's Mission is to render assistance to individuals and communities, legal entities, central and local authorities in setting societal relations in housing and municipal economy in order to create comfortable and safe living conditions.

The HMRSC's main Objective is to promote economic, social and environmental recovery of communities, assist in creation of safe and comfortable people living conditions through regulation of social relations in housing and utilities sector, to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of the conflict in the East, temporarily displaced persons and persons with special needs and disabilities, involvement of citizens into the process of decision-making, boost enhancement of competitiveness of Ukrainian regions, attraction of foreign investments, support creation of new jobs, as well as protect legitimate social, economic and other mutual interests of Ukrainian citizens.

Since its establishment in 1997, HMRSC has been playing and active role in promoting reforms in Ukraine and ensuring public awareness and participation in this process. During this time HMRSC has implemented a number of important technical assistance projects funded by international donors. These projects were focused on a broad range of issues important for Ukraine to make reforms sustainable, improve resource management and improve the livelihood of Ukrainian citizens.

HMRSC has strong experience and skills in the following key areas:
Energy efficiency and energy saving
Capital investment planning and project development
Organization of energy audits and business planning for energy efficiency measures
Advanced research and analyses, sociologic surveys, and participation in legislation drafting
Maintenance and housing management, including condominium promotion and capacity building
Legal consultancy for utility companies, local self-governments and home owners' associations
Financial management
Assessment of affordability of municipal services
Strategic and business planning
PPP development
Organization of humanitarian assistance to vulnerable groups and IDPs
Current Projects
Implemented Projects
Our team
"Look for the smart people and let them work in small teams"
Bill Gates
Volodymyr Shymkin
Kateryna Belska
Project Administrator
Tetiana Andreieva
Yevhen Kolesnyk
Technical director
Volodymyr Kuts
Danylo Ozhho
Communications Manager
Tel:+380 63 313 19 25 (viber, whatsapp, telegram)
Tel:+380 50 356 67 25 (viber, whatsapp, telegram)

Address for postal correspondence: 01103, Kyiv, post box №43

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